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About Wargamers’ Terrain

Wargamers' Terrain is a small home based business whose main purpose is to create the most realistic, flexible, wallet friendly terrain for your tabletop. Your terrain needs are our one and only priority. We concentrate our efforts on only a few products which are essential to any tabletop scenario and by doing so we create a quality, realistic looking product. 

None of our products are ever made by casting any materials. All of our products are one of a kind. We sculpt each item by hand taking care to include as many details as we can. We use as many natural materials as possible, just like mother nature does. 

On custom orders we work with you until we fully understand your need. Then we proceed with care to create the order as you envisioned it.

From the start (2003) our purpose has been, and continues to be, making your tabletop scenario look as realistic as possible while maintaining flexibility at a wallet friendly price.

 We hope you agree and become one of our valued customers.

 Cheers, and Happy Gaming

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Jose (Joe) Linares 

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