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Wooden Bridge - Information Page

This wooden bridge is built from 52 'logs' all hand stained to give it a weathered look. The bridge spans 6.5 inches long by 2.75 inches wide and 2 inches high. Four posts make up the center support. The logs that make up the railing and support are held by ropes tied in a cross fashion.

Each side of the bridge has a landing that has been flocked and randomly populated with stones and shrubs. Each landing is 5 inches by 4 inches and has been 'worn' in the middle to give it a 'well used' look. In order to simulate bridge destruction, the bridge can be taken off of the landings and placed back with ease.

Landings can be used separately as 'other terrain' when not used with the bridge.


If you would like a custom bridge, please contact me.





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