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FlexFields™ - Information Page
FlexFields are built with FlexTerrain® materials and are about 13 inches long by 7.5 inches wide by 1/16th of an inch thin.

Plowed Farm Fields come in two styles, with permanent crops and without permanent crops.  With permanent crops there are six rows per field.  With no permanent crops the field is 'freshly plowed', ie just brown dirt.  Optional crops may be purchased and come in groups of 6 sections.  See drop down in products page.  Each crop section is 2 inches long by about 3/8" wide.  If you choose clump grass then a mix of Clump Grasses (FC181 burnt grass and FC183 Med. green) will be used.  If you choose Field grass then a mix of Field Grasses (FG172 Med. green, FG173 Lt. green, FG174 Hrvst gold) will be used. Codes refer to Woodland Scenics product codes. 
FlexFields Prairie contains various terrain features such as shrubs, reeds, stones and perhaps a few tree stumps.
If you would like a custom FlexFields, please contact me.


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