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FlexRivers™ - Information Page
A set of FlexRivers contains 12 sections, as follows:
8 Straight 'meandering' sections
1 Straight section as a ford
1 "S" shape section
1 meandering "C" section
1 "Y" section

Each Straight section is at least 12" long, excepting the special shapes S, C and Y.
Each Section:
 · Is flexible and can be placed to best fit your table top!!!! 
 · Width varies from 1.5 to 3 inches.  (If you need wider or narrower ones just contact me, please!)
 · Has natural uneven flocked edges.   (Only man made rivers have straight edges!!!!)
 · Is 1/16 of an inch thick!   That's right, thin and flexible!!!!
 · Comes flocked with varying degrees of stone, sand, grass, logs and shrubs!!! fish!  :-)
 · Can be molded to fit your table top terrain!!!!  Not stiffNot mirror shinny! and no special terrain needed to support it!  Buy it and use it right away!!!!
 · Can even be cut with scissors!!!

Each set of 12 sections is packaged in our WGT box. 

When ordering the standard 'blue' will be used.  If you want a different color, please email me and we can discuss.

If you would like a custom FlexRiver set, please contact me.


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