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FlexRivers™ Deluxe - Information Page
A set of FlexRivers Deluxe contains 12 sections, as follows:
8 Straight 'meandering' sections
1 Straight section as a ford
1 "S" shape section
1 meandering "C" section
1 "Y" section

Each Straight section is at least 12" long, excepting the special shapes S, C and Y.  The waterbed part of the river will vary between 2 inches and three inches.

The water part of the river is clear! You can actually see stones, sand, sunken logs moss at the bottom of the river!!!! Like regular FlexRivers, they will take the shape of your terrain, so that down hill is no problem!

Colors of blue, brown or green, or combinations are your choice to make. I can accommodate just about any reasonable request. Special shapes are also no problem. Just email me and we can discuss. Our goal is to make your terrain look fantastic
Each Section:
· Is flexible and can be placed to best fit your table top!!!!
· Width varies from 1.5 to 3 inches. (If you need wider or narrower ones just contact me, please!)
· Has natural uneven flocked edges. (Only man made rivers have straight edges!!!!)
· Is 1/8 of an inch thick! That's right, thin and flexible!!!!
· Comes flocked with varying degrees of stone, sand, grass, logs and shrubs!!! fish! :-)
· Can be molded to fit your table top terrain!!!! Not stiff! Not mirror shinny! and no special terrain needed to support it! Buy it and use it right away!!!!
· Can even be cut with scissors!!!

Each set of 12 sections is packaged in our WGT box.
When ordering the standard 'blue/green' bottom will be used unless you specify otherwise.
If you would like a custom FlexRivers Deluxe set, please contact me.

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