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Shipping charges are calculated at Paypal when doing a standard order.  This cost is a best guess at weight and packaging based on the number of items you ordered and the destination zip code or country.  If the post office charges me less than what Paypal estimated I will refund the difference via Paypal.  I do not make any money on shipping nor do I intend to do that. 
When you order a custom order I calculate the shipping charges.  If I overcharge I refund the difference via Paypal only, if I undercharge then please have a cold brew on me as I will not ask for more funds! :-)
Note:  Shipping outside the USA has increased in cost dramatically.  As of today (11/12/2019) the cost to New Zealand, for instance, runs about $80.00!!  
Please do not ask me to ship other methods, it just takes my time and my time is quite limited.
Thanks again

Happy gaming!

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Privacy Statement: Under no circumstances will I ever provide your name and address to anyone or any company. Period! I don't like it when its done to me, so I don't do this to anyone!
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