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Custom Orders
If your order is custom or you have a question, please send me an email with your request. Your email must have the subject line "Terrain Custom Order Request from: " and add your first and last name. e.g. "Terrain Custom Order Request from: John Q. Public".  In this manner your email will not wind up in the SPAM folder.
Please do not ask me to trim a terrain piece (river, road, etc)  to a specific size.  I will be more than happy to provide the terrain, but if you want it cut/trim to a specific size/angle then you must do that yourself.  Reason?  Here are two, if I screwed it up you will not be happy, and if I charge you, after all its my time, you will not be happy.  If I charge you and I screw it up then you will be doubly upset with me, and I certainly do not want that.
Note: I will do my best to meet a requested date, however, I cannot guarantee exact dates.
After I receive the email we will discuss your requirements, no charge, and if you agree to the terms we will move on from there.
Email is cheap folks...!
Thanks again

Happy gaming!

Product Disclaimer

Privacy Statement: Under no circumstances will I ever provide your name and address to anyone or any company. Period! I don't like it when its done to me, so I don't do this to anyone!
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