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Standard Orders
Standard orders use the "PayPal Buy Now" button.  Once you have pressed the Paypal button you will be taken to the Paypal site for further processing.  Once your order is confirmed and we receive it we will acknowledge your request and send you an order number. If the product is in stock I will ship as soon as possible, if not in stock, we will let you know an approximate date. Sometimes I do run out of stocked items.

Note: I will do my best to meet a requested date, however, I cannot guarantee exact dates.
If you wish to pay via another means than PayPal please email me.

Those of you familiar with PayPal know how it works. If you don't, just go to their site and follow the instructions to become a member, then pay me accordingly. This is probably the easiest, fastest and most secure way to pay me.

I hope this is clear and straight forward. I've tried to make things as easy as possible and to describe them as best I can. Questions don't cost anything and help to clarify things. So if you do have questions 
send me an email  and I will reply.

Thanks again

Happy gaming!

Product Disclaimer

Privacy Statement: Under no circumstances will I ever provide your name and address to anyone or any company. Period! I don't like it when its done to me, so I don't do this to anyone!
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