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Dear Sir,

I can’t begin to be impressed with your terrain. The pictures do them no justice. Not to mention the box and presentation are out of this world. Truly wonderful. Now on to the next commission, rivers. Thanks so much for making me a customer for life. Truly great work sir.


I received the road and river set yesterday! What a beautiful work of art both are. I can't wait to game with them. Thank you so much, and I may well come back with another order. I can't say enough about the personalized service and quality product you deliver. And the box is beautiful and will protect the terrain for years to come.
Thank you and Regards,


They arrived today and I cannot fully express my satisfaction. They are everything I hoped and more. I will be sharing with my fellow local players, and you be assured of an order from me next month.



Mailman just arrived about 15 minutes ago. I was beyond impressed. First, there were these beautiful boxes! If the work was half as nice as the boxes I would've considered it a wonderful purchase... The roads, creeks, rivers, and wetland pieces were all superb. I am, truly, speechless. This is not a state I am accustomed to being in! Thank you very much for your artistic labors. They will suit me for many years, I'm sure.


1/27/2017 - Ireland
Joe ,the Eagle has landed !!!!!!
Absolutely stunning finish and so lightweight.The packaging works great and the monogrammed box makes it extra special . All the better to pull out and turn your gaming buddies green even if your army on the night bombs. I'm delighted thanks

Editor's note: This order is my first order from Ireland. Slainte Mhaith!!!

11/2015 - Last name used by customer request!

Just received my Order and I must say that I am absolutely delighted, both with your service in general and in the finished goods themselves. Thank you very much from an extremely satisfied gamer!
The special boxes in which it arrived gave me really good vibes, even before I got to the goodies. These will do good classy service as storage boxes. As to the contents:
My overall impression was one of attention to detail and individuality of the pieces. As expected, the Flex Deluxe rivers were the highlight, but not by much! (since everything else was so good as well). The creation of 'depth', bearing in mind these pieces are only 1/16" deep, means no more carving out river beds out of tiles with a chisel and knife. Great banks, with all sorts of rocks, pebbles, reeds and other miscellanea; beautiful 'glazed rivers and all a whopping 12 foot's worth of them. 12 feet of roads as well. In the unlikely event that these are insufficient, then pieces of both can be bought individually. I loved the hills as well, subtle gradients mixed with the odd less gentle one and again, each piece individually sculpted. Nice 'marshy' wetland and river.
Basically, I can't wait to get going, now that my terrain satisfies my aspirations.
Thanks again, Joe and expect some more orders sometime soon.
Kind Regards,
Dave Phillips
Chandlers Ford
  1. K

The work is excellent. By far and away the best river terrain I have seen from any commercial supplier.
I am very impressed

I picked up the package and I have to say that you've outdone yourself! The rivers look incredibly natural and they are exactly what I hoped for and tried to explain. Absolutely superb and dare I say it, a real bargain. Anyone NOT using your deluxe rivers should seriously consider "why not?" Great terrain catches the eye just as much if not more so than great figures and a set of your rivers costs about the same as 2 Regiments of painted figures!

I could go on and on. Painstaking detail, perfectly muted river beds as I requested along with vegetated and yet "dry" river banks perfect for the gaming project we're involved in. Joe, if my rivers were in a picture, they would've been the picture I sent to you saying "like these". You nailed them!!!

Thank you so very much.


The terrain is great - the only problem being it makes the rest of my stuff look awful. I guess I will have to order some more...
All the best for now and I will be in touch next week,

Just received my river and swamp in the mail - they are gorgeous! Absolutely perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. These will see a lot of table time.

Thanks again!
VM (Michigan)

The order arrived and I am very pleased with the results. Absolutely beautiful work!
Eric (Australia)


Just took shipment this afternoon of my first order from you. To say the least, your product is AWESOME. The road system I ordered is beautifully done; if anything the pictures on your site don’t do them justice. The bridge, too, is well done. Something I never expected was to receive the order in Wargamersterrain boxes, good for shipping and marvelous for storage. Great product and value! Keep up the good work! Please don’t take this as a threat, but you will be hearing from me again in the near future with another order,

Take care.

Absolutely fabulous craftsmanship!
Beautiful products. I feel like framing them!
Thank you very much indeed.
Best wishes

It did arrive today and I am very pleased. I am shocked at how much river I got and the quality of the pieces.

Received my terrain and Im very happy with them. Will order more at a later date.

Received the terrain & it's everything plus more. It's on the table laying flat and ready for battle. The wait was well worth it.


Preface: Tom has been my customer since day one, in 2003 when I first started on eBay.

Your rivers and terrain are the greatest and I have used them in almost every game I have played, they are outstanding, your workmanship shows. You rock!!! Well worth every penny. You have not heard the last from me, so don't retire from retirement!



Got it late yesterday, and I am very, very pleased. Not only is the river absolutely outstanding,
but so was the careful packaging. You have a customer for life.
Take care. Maybe I’ll see you at Cold Wars.
Washington, MO

I just got my order... everything is great! Thanks again I am very impressed with both the customer service and quality of the product.

Hi Joe,
Everything came on Saturday and it looks great! Thanks again, great looking stuff!
Germantown MD.

I bought some of your terrain pieces at Fall In and decided I was done with crappy felt pieces! I had a wargamer's battlefield that looked more realistic than any I've put together before! Your stuff is great, light weight, and reasonably priced!

Millerton, PA

Received the Swamp, Marsh and Pond and just like the rivers and roads they are very nice, can’t wait to use them in game. I really like how they lay nice and flat on the table. Great work, fine products!

South Bend, IN

I received my order today and this is the most beautiful gaming terrain I have ever seen. The river and hills have met and exceeded my expectations. Look for to requiring more terrain from you.

Chula Vista, CA

I have several products from "Wargamers Terrain" and intend to purchase more. Owner Joe Linares understands the hobby and its customers very well; he is accommodating and provides service above reproach. His products are fantastic, miniature works of art that enhance any gaming table lucky enough to bear them. No two pieces are the same as the manufacturing process ensures uniqueness of the highest quality and all at a fair price. I sincerely hope that he continues to develop his product line as the hobby would certainly be better for it.

SW, New York City

I am really impressed with the work you did for me Joe! Very nice indeed!

Got a chance to look over the rivers and roads last night and they are very nice. I did lay them out on my game mat and they flattened right down in just a few minutes. Thank you for the great terrain pieces. When I have them in use for a game I will take a few pictures and send them to you.
South Bend, IN

I have been late in getting this off to you but I just wanted to let you know the package arrived last week. I am very pleased with the river sections. Very nice. I especially like how thin and flat they are. The added detail of rocks, bushes, stumps, etc. is a very nice touch. Thank you very much. You send it out in a really nice professional box that is perfect for storing the river sections between games. Well done.


I was very impressed with the rivers. Particularly with the appearance of the marsh, you did a very nice job with it. I am looking into purchasing a few more FlexRivers from you as I have been very satisfied with your work, and am finishing constructing my modular gaming board.

"I love it. All those roads in such a small footprint, and they easily bend over hills and blend into the game matt. You've obviously spent a lot of time coming up with the perfect solution. Very, very impressed!"

I got my rivers the other day (Tuesday) and they are FANTASTIC!!! thank you so much! The boys will be SO impressed when I get to use them on a table! I can't wait!!

The river arrived, many thanks. Great work, it looks sensational, and it should be fairly easy for me to add to.

Got'um! They came in great shape and I'm very pleased. Excellent craftsmanship Joe. Attached are a few pics with the Bridge and a few rocks I added, getting some ideas for the layout. I'll contact you after Fall-In for the next project - the Canal.
NOTE: You can see this layout in the Customer Gallery—Pegasus Bridge

"A top shelf product and fantastic box; unquestionably better than any solution we have come across for rivers. No doubt the roads are equally impressive and we're likely soon to be pleased again.. excellent, affordable product."

WOW - great work! …...Really wonderful work ..
Once again, well done my friend, an excellent piece of craftsmanship that lends class to a game table.

The new deluxe rivers and creeks arrived today. The best rivers on the planet just got better! You know how much I enjoyed the standard rivers I bought from you. Well, the new deluxe version is even better. The depth effect with the clear water is so realistic. I cannot praise them enough.

Very best,


Everything looks just great. Your service is impeccable! Thank you VERY much…...
All 3 boxes arrived. We were traveling in Iowa so not sure when. Great packing job. Your custom boxes are beautiful and perfect for long term storage. Everything is great! Even better than the pictures. Amazing how much detail you have incorporated. I'm very pleased with every item. Quality is very high throughout….

Thanks for a very professional job. It has been a pleasure working with you.



My packages arrived. Fantastic!! I love the rivers, the streams, and the stable …..
Your boxes are great. I love them. They are to other boxes what your rivers are to other rivers…..
The rivers are fantastic. They will follow the slope of terrain, but more importantly to me, they lie flat on the table rather than having unrealistic raised banks, are thin so they fit with the table, and they are very artistic with the nicely terrained banks. Also they join virtually seamlessly. Lastly, the price is reasonable.

Very best,


Hi Joe,
I received my order on Saturday. As soon as I removed the packaging I was impressed by your neat blue box and even more impressed when I unwrapped the soft paper. The river sections were just what I was looking for. Like I said before I have always disliked the ‘raised’ river bank mouldings as they give a false impression (like a raised levee) on the battlefield. I’m sure I will receive good comments when I use the sections in a game.

Many thanks for all your efforts,
Wishing you all the best,

I just left positive feedback for you, but I had to let you know personally how incredibly impressed I am with the quality of the river sections. The stuff is amazing and the packaging is appropriately high-quality as well.
Thanks so much for a fantastic product. I suspect you'll be hearing from me again.


USPS just delivered the first package...The roads are great. Thank you for making them wider they'll work much better for me. The rivers are fantastic!!!! They look incredible... I can't wait for the opportunity to show them off. Of course I will give full credit to the creator...word of mouth it's the best advertising there is.

Thanks again ….

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