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Order Status
ID Queue Order Stage
70588M 1 Shipped
38666L 2 Shipped
750487M 3 Construction
731963M 4 Not Started
2658M 5 Not Started
235086L 6 Not Started
Last row Last row Last row
The following table displays the order ID number and where that order stands with respect to all other orders.
Normally this page is updated at end of day, but I may skip a day depending on volumes and other matters.
Each order is assigned an ID and that unique ID is only given to its respective customer thereby maintaining privacy.
Please check this page from time to time to see the status of your order.

The letter after the ID indicates the relative size of the order. S=Small, A=Average, M=Medium, L=large, X=Very large. In terms of time S would be about a 2 days, while X would be in terms of weeks. I do not provide exact dates due to varying conditions (humidity etc.) which affect curing times and the specifics of each order. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about your specific order, thanks.

Order queue is addressed on a FIFO basis although sometimes I may work on multiple orders at the same time depending on similarities. As such I may not exactly fulfill all orders FIFO, but I will do my best.

Order Stage represents the order status. ‘Started’ means that the order preparation process has begun. ‘Construction’ means that the preparation process is done and actual item creation has begun. ‘Completed’ means that all construction is done and that the items are curing. Curing time depends on item size. The larger the FlexRiver, for example, the longer it takes to cure. ‘Shipped’ means you should get your gaming table ready!

Happy Gaming folks! :-)

If you have any questions please Email me.


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COVID Update:
Supplies of our main compound appear to have stabilized. I'm going too keep this post updated from time to time because it appears that the virus is out of control in some parts of the country and I do not know how that will affect production.
Please visit here from time to time for updates.
  Thanks for you patience and understanding.