At Wargamers' Terrain our goal is to provide you with terrain products that best suit your table top.  All of our products are carefully handcrafted with your game in mind.  We make your table top scenery our number one priority.  If you like our standard products, just use the Paypal button and we are all set.  If you would like a custom made product, write us and we will concentrate our efforts in working with you to understand your needs and then provide the best products in the market.


We do not use molds or attempt to 'hurry' our craftwork, but we do carefully build, inspect and ensure that our products meet your needs. All of our products are unique, one of a kind specialties handcrafted with you in mind at a wallet friendly price.


Please take the time to review our flagship FlexTerrain® products and our other Product lines, our Gallery, read our Customer TestimonialsProduct Reviews, and see what others have accomplished with our products at the Customer Gallery page.  When you do Order, and we believe you will after viewing our products, we keep you informed by posting an Order Status.  Once we start your order we keep you posted with personal, periodic emails. Finally when we ship we provide a tracking number.  


Every now and then we do take time off for vacations, family, and other important things in our lives.  During those times our shop is temporarily closed and we do not build any terrain but I may respond to emails.  As a courtesy we post those times in our Order Status page, please take the time to review before you order. 


At Wargamers' Terrain your table top is our top priority.


Cheers and Happy Gaming!



Joe Linares



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